Itching Has Bruises

Illustration of Itching Has Bruises
Illustration: Itching Has Bruises

Hello doc, I have had itching on my body for 3 days but it was the worst around my thighs and red spots appeared but the second time there was a blue bruise but only 1 when the third day it was on my thighs and quite a lot but it didn’t hurt why do you think dock? But there are no symptoms of dizziness, fever, nausea or so on, it just feels hot and itchy

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Hello Andini, Thank you for the question.

Bruising occurs when there are blood vessels in the skin that are damaged or broken so that blood can leak and accumulate under the skin layer. This collection of blood that appears as a reddish, bluish, purple color on the skin. Symptoms of itching accompanied by bruising can be caused by the act of scratching the itchy skin that is too strong which causes damage to blood vessels. In addition, these symptoms can also be caused by:

insect bite
liver disfunction

You can avoid scratching itchy skin. You can also use salicyl powder or calamine lotion to help relieve itching. If for the next 2 days, the symptoms do not improve or the area of ​​bruising becomes wider, please check with your nearest doctor immediately so that the doctor can check directly (and perform blood testing if necessary) to ascertain the reason so the doctor can also determine further treatment.

I hope this helps.

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