Itching In Children Has Not Healed For 2 Weeks?

why yes my child is itchy it doesn’t heal 2 weeks already … Bent like that if there is water in the press gt initially In the legs

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Hello Muhammad Iqbal, thank you for asking at

Read the complaints experienced by your child, this can be caused by several conditions such as:

Chicken pox

Impetigo (bacterial ulcer infection)
Allergic reaction to drugs / food

Due to the condition of your child has been long enough, the best treatment that is recommended is to bring your child further checked directly to a dermatologist. This aims to do a direct assessment of complaints and also the condition of your skin by a doctor so that it can be determined what is the cause and how the next treatment is most appropriate for the conditions.

In the meantime, it is strongly recommended to try to pay attention to whether there are certain things that cause the complaint to appear or get worse (for example after consuming certain foods or after contact with certain soaps and others). If there is, avoid these triggers. It is also recommended to prevent your child from scratching the bumps on his body despite itching. You can give calamin powder to help reduce itching complaints.

It is also not recommended to use topical or prescription drugs without any clear doctor's advice because it can worsen the condition. Always pay attention to the cleanliness of your child's body even though there are complaints.

I hope this helps.

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