Itching In The Groin Area, Rashes, Spots, And Skin Changes?

Illustration of Itching In The Groin Area, Rashes, Spots, And Skin Changes?
Illustration: Itching In The Groin Area, Rashes, Spots, And Skin Changes?

Good evening doctor, I have a complaint in my groin area, not entering into the intimate area, in this case I am a man, so a few months ago I had complaints of itching in my groin area, there were small, red spots, because it felt itchy , I scratched, why not after a few weeks later it spreads, and there is a red rash when it is scratched, for now, the color of the skin turns blackish brown, and when scratching brings out freckles, and a little watery wet. please advise the drug and the next treatment step, ….

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Itching that is felt in the genitals and surrounding areas such as thighs, groin, buttocks, abdomen, chest, and legs is often caused by fungal infections (tinea cruris, tinea corporis, candidiasis) parasitic infections (scabies, pediculosis pubis), allergies, viral or bacterial infections , etc.

Ideally, skin disorders must be examined directly to determine the estimated cause, because each skin disorder has characteristics that describe the symptoms. For example fungal infections in the skin, in addition to itching, fungi will cause a rash / reddish spots that are generally clustered and circular or cyclic in shape like a cloud with slightly reddish edges and actively widening / expanding. Scabies will appear as small spots that are scattered or grouped, generally often found in the folds of the body and body areas covered with clothing. Scabies infection generally attacks in groups in a population such as family members or in the hostel so that it is easily transmitted. Itching is also the most felt complaint especially at night due to the parasitic infection. While allergies will arise if triggered by allergens and trigger itchy bumps. Bacterial infections will generally cause inflammation such as swelling, redness and accompanied by pus.

In addition to a direct visual examination, supporting examinations such as skin scrapings, fungal culture, blood tests, etc. are also needed to help determine the exact cause of the skin disorder experienced.
You need to know that skin disorders such as fungal infections, parasites and viruses are generally easily transmitted through direct contact or objects in the vicinity, especially objects that are shared. Some risk factors that can also affect abnormalities in the skin are often related to daily lifestyle such as personal hygiene, wearing clothes that are too tight, often exchanging personal objects with others, cleaning the environment that is less good, being in one environment with other sufferers, the genital area which is always moist, does not dry up the genital area after urinating or large, etc.

Personal hygiene is very important. Therefore, it needs to be re-evaluated, how your daily habits in caring for and maintaining the health of your skin, especially in areas that feel itchy.

To determine the type of skin disorders experienced, it is advisable to check with a dermatologist directly for a thorough evaluation and determine management in accordance with the abnormalities experienced. If the cause is known to be a fungus, antifungal treatment is very helpful to eliminate the infection, but if the results of the examination lead to parasitic infections, anti-parasitic drugs will be given to rule out the cause. Antibiotics are used if bacterial infections are found in skin disorders that are found. In addition to treatment, maintaining personal hygiene and changing daily lifestyle is also important to do to prevent recurring skin infections.

To help reduce complaints and prevent complaints from getting burdensome, a number of things you can do include:

Maintain personal hygiene by bathing 2x a day Using clean clothes Change clothes when sweating Do not use clothes that are too tight Immediately dry the genital area after washing with water after defecating or small Do not use / exchange personal belongings with others Maintain cleanliness of the environment around you information that I can convey, hopefully it helps

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