Itching In The Pubic Area.?

Illustration of Itching In The Pubic Area.?
Illustration: Itching In The Pubic Area.?

Hello dokDok I once saw a doctor for itching in the pubic area and was given medicine: histrine cetirizine dihcl every night, interdoxin doxycycline 100mg every morning night and flagystatin vaginal ovul. Well I have missed 1x who should take cetrizine at night, what should I do? But I drink in the morning at 6 according to info on alodokterhttps: // Isn’t it dangerous if I drink it in the morning? Fyi Previously I also had missed taking interdoxin once but on a different day and routine again Thank you .. please help

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Hello Ananda,

Thank you for asking

Itching in the genitals can be due to allergies, irritation, dry skin, infections, insect bites, drug effects, hormonal fluctuations, seborrheic dermatitis, or many other possibilities. This condition, as long as it is handled appropriately, is often harmless and can recover in a short time.

The medicines that your doctor gives are useful for relieving itching and allergies (cetirizine), dealing with bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections (doxycycline and flagystatin). Not all of these drugs must be consumed continuously until they run out. Anti-itch and allergy medications that doctors give for example, you only need to consume if it still feels itchy enough to bother it. Late consuming cetirizine can indeed reduce the effectiveness of the drug's action. As a result, you may feel intense itching due to your condition that has not healed completely. However, this is usually not fatal if only happens once. Different conditions if the forgotten are 2 other drugs. Because, 2 other drugs that doctors prescribe to you its function is to eradicate the bacteria, fungi, and parasites that cause itching in the genitals. If the consumption of this drug is done irregularly, there is susceptibility to resistance which makes your complaint more difficult to cure and very easy to repeat later in life.

It's better if you don't panic at all times. Continue to take medicine as usual, as the doctor recommends to you. To prevent you from forgetting to take your medication again, try setting an alarm, writing down your medication schedule in a place that is easily visible, or asking your relatives to remind you to take medicine.

In order for itching in the genitals to heal faster, in addition to taking a doctor's medication, also do the following steps:

Don't scratch your itchy genitals, especially with dirty hands
Diligent showering, clean the genitals with clean water, no need to use soap or deodorizer
Always use underwear and pants that are clean, loose, made from soft
Don't do free sex
Shorten your pubic hair regularly

If after undergoing treatment, your complaints have not improved, try to check yourself again to a doctor or a specialist in skin and genitals so that it is treated further.

I hope this helps.

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