Itching In The Thigh Area That Spreads Throughout The Body?

Illustration of Itching In The Thigh Area That Spreads Throughout The Body?
Illustration: Itching In The Thigh Area That Spreads Throughout The Body?

before it was good morning, I experienced symptoms of watery itching, at first I didn’t know I realized that in the intimate area and my thighs like itchy yes I thought it was just an initial itch but it gradually appeared watery spots and thickened throughout the body from the shoulders until the feet, how to overcome it

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Hi Ferdiansyah,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, how long have you been experiencing these complaints? Are there people around you who also experience similar complaints?

An itchy and runny rash, which starts from the sex organs and thighs and spreads to almost the entire body, can be a sign of chicken pox (varicella). This disease is caused by a Varicella zoster virus infection. This virus can be transmitted very easily from sufferers to other people who have direct or indirect contact with rashes on the skin. It could also, the virus enters the body if you inhale the splashes of the patient's saliva, for example when talking close together, exchanging food or drink, coughing, or sneezing. Clinically, the rash from chicken pox will turn red, filled with fluid, and often rupture and dry out to form a scab. This rash can cause itching that is quite disturbing for the sufferer. The rash initially appears in the midsection (torso or pubic), then spreads to the surrounding area. People with chickenpox will often also experience other complaints, such as weakness, fatigue, decreased appetite, coughing, runny nose, easy glare, and so on.

In addition to chickenpox, several other conditions, for example scabies (scabies), herpetiformis dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, shingles, contact dermatitis, drug eruptions, miliaria (prickly heat), impetigo, folliculitis, and various other diseases can also cause almost similar complaints. . Therefore, before providing treatment, it needs to be clarified first, what is the exact cause of your complaint.

Check with yourself directly to a doctor or dermatologist so that the doctor can evaluate the right treatment. If it is true that chicken pox is the cause of your complaint, he can give antiviral drugs, and various other drugs tailored to your complaint. To help alleviate complaints, here are the steps you can take:

Do not scratch the itchy skin Sprinkle with salicyl powder to reduce itching on itchy skin Take a bath regularly, but do not rub the area that has runny rashes Always use clean towels and clothes regularly and do not change Do not give haphazard handling without doctor's advice Drink more water a lot Don't stress Reduce foods that are prone to cause you allergies, for example egg yolks, seafood

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