Itching Is Unbearable To The Vagina?

Illustration of Itching Is Unbearable To The Vagina?
Illustration: Itching Is Unbearable To The Vagina?

Good morning, I want to ask Yesterday the day after tomorrow I went far away and I used pentilainer from noon to morning because I forgot. And in the morning in my v v section it was gatel2 up to now, and it was like it made my v swollen but it didn’t hurt just excessive gatel2. To reduce the gatel2, I gave herocyn powder and it was somewhat lost, but the gatel2 did not eliminate the swelling caused by the gatel2. How to get rid of it, huh? thank you

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Itchy vaginal conditions need to be explored further. Whether itching arises due to irritant reactions to the use of vaginal cleaning products or exposure to other substances, fungal infections can also cause itching, sexually transmitted diseases, unhygienic and moist conditions, when stressed, malignancy in the vaginal area.

It is advisable to carry out an examination to the nearest doctor or dermatologist and skin related to further examination and management. Anamnesis can be done to explore the history of the disease, need to know since when symptoms begin to appear, the possibility of triggers of symptoms (use of powder, use of cleaning tools, not maintaining cleanliness, having sex with more than one partner, etc.), other symptoms that arise, history of the disease, as well as a history of treatment that has been done to reduce symptoms.

Physical examination can be done to see the condition of the vagina, as well as supporting examinations such as blood tests, urine tests, or examinations of samples of fluid in the vagina to be examined microscopically. It is not recommended to use self-medication without consulting a doctor, maintaining genital hygiene by bathing regularly at least twice a day, changing clothes in clean and dry according to conditions and after bathing, not having intercourse first, maintaining adequate diet and rest.

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