Itching Like Hives That Always Recur In Children?

I want to ask my child lately often itching like hives I have been treated but not recovered but sometimes even like to relapse. I want to ask if it’s allergic or biduran huh?

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Hi Nova, thank you for asking

Itching on the body (Pruritus) can be caused by various things, namely:

- Urticaria / Urticaria, marked by the appearance of reddish bumps and itching. Can be caused by stress, allergic reactions, heat, infections, and others.

- Allergic reactions, arising from factors that trigger allergic reactions. Allergy triggering factors can be caused by food allergies, dust, cold temperatures, drugs, animal hair, and others.

- Atopic eczema, characterized by the appearance of itching continuously and reddish skin rashes arise.

- and others.

Here's what you can do at home to reduce complaints: Use materials or clothing that does not cause skin irritation, use comfortable and non-tight clothing, give a comfortable room temperature, avoid scratching the skin roughly / excessively, avoid contact with allergens, increase consumption vegetables and fruit, maintain skin cleanliness.

If your child's complaints do not improve, then you should do a re-examination with a doctor. The doctor will conduct a short interview, physical examination and additional examination (supporting examination) if needed. The doctor will later provide appropriate therapy to help deal with the complaints you feel.

The following article you can read: find out- medicine- itching- itching- throughout- body- here-

Thank you, hope that helps.

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