Itching Of Caterpillars?

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amualaikum wr. wb.rnDoc, this morning suddenly a caterpillar stuck to my skirt. My hands itch, it feels like they’re being pricked by needles. Then I rub the itchy part with salt. Now it’s better but sometimes the itching comes back and then goes away. If that’s the case, can I take a shower or not? Will the itching spread more when I take a shower?rnThank you

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Hi Unkwon......

Thank you for your question.

For your information, the itchiness caused by being exposed to caterpillars is due to direct contact with substances that cause allergies that are produced by the body or hair of the caterpillars, causing what is known as contact dermatitis, where these substances are released as a mechanism for defending the caterpillars from harm. Generally, the first treatment for this condition is by washing the body exposed to the caterpillar with running water, allowing the water to wash away the exposure of the scar without the need to rub it. Only then can it be cleaned with soap while scrubbing gently, remember not to scratch or rub vigorously. Once dry, you can apply salicylic powder to help reduce itching. Basically you can just take a shower, because bathing alone won't make the itching spread all over your body. We still recommend seeing a doctor immediately, if there is a worse skin health problem, so that the doctor can carry out further treatment appropriately and quickly.

Thus the explanation that we can convey, may be useful.


Dr. Teak

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