Itching Of The Labia Minora With Sore Spots?

Illustration of Itching Of The Labia Minora With Sore Spots?
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Hello, I guess. At first my vagina felt itchy on the right side but it wasn’t too itchy, my labia minora was also long on one side, longer on the right. Then when I finished my period there were spots on my vagina. I checked with the doctor he said mushrooms. After and before my period I always have vaginal discharge and my vagina feels very itchy, sometimes there are spots on the labia minora and if I scratch too hard, when I pee I will feel sore and sometimes it will swell, but only on the right side. I’m always white too. The questionrn1. Why is my labia minora one side long? Is it because of the effects of having had sex? Because I think after I had sex my labia minora changed to be longerrn2. Why is the longer labia minora so itchy when the left one doesn’t? Sometimes there are small spots (usually 1) that make it sorern3. Why do I always have vaginal discharge even though I have kept my vagina clean? The discharge is smelly, and a lot

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Hi dinda,

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The formation of the vagina (including the labia minora) occurs since you are still in the womb, which is at week 7 of pregnancy. This vagina comes from the Müllerian ducts, which also form the male genital organs. Because of the folding process during this formation period, the shape of the vagina will not be exactly the same between the left and right sides, including the length of the labia minora. As long as this difference is not too significant, or causes interference with its function, then this condition is not dangerous. Several other factors that can make the labia minora longer on one side are a history of injury to the labia minora (including during sexual intercourse), asymmetrical deposition of pelvic muscles and fat, or because of a disease, for example related to congenital abnormalities, infections, to tumors.

Itching of the labia minora with spots that feel sore can indicate an infection, ranging from fungi, bacteria, viruses, or parasites. Some examples of the most common causes of infection are:

Tinea cruris Candidiasis Genital herpes Syphilis Molluscum contagiosum, etc. In addition to infection, itching and spots may also appear due to irritation (for example after using certain intimate organ care products), allergies, insect bites, entry of foreign objects, and so on.

An infection that causes itching on your labia minora can also be a trigger for vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is said to be abnormal and requires further treatment if the volume is very large, has an abnormal color (other than clear/white), or causes itching, stinging, and an unpleasant odor. In addition to infection, this vaginal discharge can also be exacerbated by stress, hormonal changes (eg before menstruation), side effects of taking hormonal drugs, malignancy (eg cervical cancer), vaginal fistulas (abnormal channels that connect the vagina to other organs), and so on. So, the factor is not solely related to poor intimate hygiene.

You should check your complaint directly to the doctor so that further treatment can be carried out according to the cause of your complaint. If deemed necessary, the doctor may also recommend that you undergo supporting tests, such as urine tests, cervical mucus smears, ultrasound, IVA tests, or pap smears (if you are married).

For now, you should first take the following steps:

Clean the intimate organs using clean water after every bowel movement, rinse from the anus to the vagina (not vice versa) No need to use vaginal fragrance soap or sanitary napkins that contain perfume Do not squeeze or scratch the genitals that are itchy and speckled excessively Use clean pants and underwear , dry, and made of absorbent sweat Avoid all forms of free sex Avoid stress Live a healthy lifestyle

Itchy cock

vaginal discharge

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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