Itching Of The Penis During Penetration?

Illustration of Itching Of The Penis During Penetration?
Illustration: Itching Of The Penis During Penetration?

Good night I want to ask .. yes the penis feels itchy when it enters the vagina .. ?? r nLike being bitten by many ants

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Hi Debie,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, if the itching that you experience only appears when your penis penetrates into the vagina, and does not occur at other times?

An erect penis when penetrating the narrow diameter of the vagina can cause the blood vessels of the penis to be slightly pinched. Pinch these blood vessels can make the intake of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues around the penis become obstructed. This condition can trigger sensational disorders, such as itching, tingling, and so on. Frequently, complaints like this are only temporary and will improve after the penis is no longer erect or vaginal discharge.

It could also, itching like being bitten by ants on your penis that occurs due to other factors, namely:

Penile problems, for example due to: Bitten by an insect Infection, such as tinea cruris (fungal infection), scabies (scabies), candidiasis, impetigo, folliculitis, genital herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia Inflammation of the skin of the penis due to other causes, eg seborrheic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, drug eruptions, neurodermatitis Vaginal problems, for example due to infections (as mentioned above) Psychosomatic disorders, etc. If itching is very annoying, or to reduce the quality of sexual relations you have with a partner, you should consult your doctor directly or a specialist skin and genital yes .. Through direct clinical evaluation, doctors generally have been able to determine the best treatment.

In the meantime, first try the following steps:

Improve the cleanliness of the penis and the surrounding area Do not use substances that might cause inflammation in your penis, for example spermicide, scented soap, thick and rough clothing Do not scratch excessively itchy penis Before penetrating the penis into the vagina during intercourse, first do foreplay adequate so as to trigger the release of enough lubricating fluid to facilitate penetration Do not stress or worry too much Ask your partner to keep the vagina clean well Hopefully it helps ..

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