Itching Of The Scalp After Eating Spicy Food?

Illustration of Itching Of The Scalp After Eating Spicy Food?
Illustration: Itching Of The Scalp After Eating Spicy Food?

if I eat spicy spicy spicy my hair feels itchy, how do I fix it please let me know?

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Hi Andis,

Thank you for asking

In fact, there is no direct link between consumption of spicy food and itchy hairy skin. However, consumption of spicy foods for sensitive people can lead to increased sweat production, including in areas of hair with hair. Increased skin moisture due to excessive sweating can trigger itching.

Not only that, itching in areas of the body with hair can also appear because it is triggered by other things, for example:

Xerosis (dry skin)

Seborrheic dermatitis (chronic skin inflammation that makes the skin scaly like dandruff, associated with Malassezia yeast infection)
Skin infections, for example due to fungi, bacteria, lice

Contact dermatitis (skin inflammation due to contact with an irritating substance, or due to an allergy to certain substances in contact with the skin), for example shampoos, soaps, deodorants, cosmetics, hair dyes
Irritation, for example due to excessive friction, wearing a head covering or clothing that is too tight

Neurodermatitis (chronic skin inflammation caused or exacerbated by psychological stress)
Insect or other animal bites
Allergies, and so on

Our advice, if it is clear that the trigger for your condition is consuming spicy food, then you should avoid over-consuming spicy food. In addition, you should also avoid scratching excess itchy skin. In order for the itching to subside, you should take a shower regularly, wash your hair thoroughly and then dry it well so that it doesn't get damp. Avoid exchanging headgear or clothing with other people. Also protect hairy skin from excessive sweating, besides diligently bathing, also by wearing loose, cool clothing, and limiting excessive activities in the sun. Avoid sprinkling or applying the medicine carelessly on the itchy skin, unless instructed directly by a doctor.

If with the steps above your complaints do not get better, you should check yourself directly to a doctor or a dermatologist. With direct clinical evaluation, doctors generally can distinguish the cause of your itching and determine the best treatment.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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