Itching On Palms And Feet?

Illustration of Itching On Palms And Feet?
Illustration: Itching On Palms And Feet? Bing

I am 4 years old and I feel itching on the palms and soles of the feet, the color is red but there are no spots, only the color of the palms and feet is red, what are the symptoms and what is the medicine, please reply, thanks

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Hi Yitno,

Thanks for the question. Symptoms of itching can usually be accompanied by other symptoms such as skin redness, spots appear on the skin, thickened skin, peeling skin, or skin feels sore. Itching that feels on the palms of the hands and feet in children can be caused by:

atopic eczema

allergic contact dermatitis
irritant contact dermatitis
fungal infection
dry skin

You can try applying calamine lotion to the itchy area or applying a cold compress to the itchy area to relieve itching. If these symptoms do not improve or are accompanied by other skin disorders, please check your child to the doctor first to find the cause. The main treatment for itching is to treat the cause. Usually the doctor will give you an antihistamine. The administration of this drug will be adjusted according to your child's weight or age, so it is best to consult a doctor first for administering the drug.

Please read the article:

Itchy palms

Itchy feet

Hope this information is useful.

Dr. Aloisia

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