Itching On The Area Inside The Surgical Scar?

Illustration of Itching On The Area Inside The Surgical Scar?
Illustration: Itching On The Area Inside The Surgical Scar?

Good evening, I want to ask my mother just finished a small operation, and in the connection, but only given amoxicillin 1 strip only, after the medicine was completely exhausted by the driver at the pharmacy, cma because it was said that his body became itchy there is a scar on his skin but his feeling is itchy, so what is it, is there a remedy to make it cool? Or while you have to take anything to reduce the itching.

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Is the itching that you mentioned experienced by your mother felt in the area of ​​the surgical scar only or felt throughout the body?

If itching is felt only in the area of ​​the surgical scar, it can occur due to the healing of small nerve endings that are cut off during the operation. This is very normal after the operation and not dangerous. To help relieve this localized itching, your mother can compress the itchy area by using cold compresses on the itchy area. Make sure your mother does not scratch the scar because it can cause skin to become injured and become infected. Cover the wound with plaster or gauze to avoid rubbing against clothes. If the itching does not decrease with a compress, you can consult with the treating doctor so that certain creams can be given that can help reduce the itching in the area of ​​the former operation.

If the itching is felt throughout the body, then it is necessary to look for further causes. Itching all over the body can be caused by dry skin, drug or food allergies, dermatitis, psoriasis, skin infections, certain systemic diseases, certain neurological disorders, etc. The following are some things you can try to do:

Do not scratch
Don't bathe using hot water, but only use warm or cool water
Don't bathe too long and too often
Use a soap that is gentle to the skin and contains a lot of moisturizer
Use a moisturizer after bathing (you should choose one that does not contain deodorizer)
Don't use clothes that are too thick and rough

If the itching all over the body is getting worse, visible rashes all over the body, the skin looks red and swollen, immediately go to the doctor for further treatment.

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