Itching On The Fingers With Watery Spots Feels Sore And Painful?

Illustration of Itching On The Fingers With Watery Spots Feels Sore And Painful?
Illustration: Itching On The Fingers With Watery Spots Feels Sore And Painful? Bing

Hello, Hello. my name is rofi, i have itching on my fingers and small watery spots on my fingers. It keeps on drying and thickening the skin, when exposed to water and some kind of soap it feels sore and painful. On the other hand on the soles of my feet, especially on the edges, it feels itchy and has small spots, it’s watery too, but over time the skin becomes thickened and scaly, I’ve tried going to the doctor, after a week of taking medicine, and I noticed that there is no healing total, but still sore and itchy, but the skin is thickened, after the medicine runs out, it recurs again, it’s been 3 months and it doesn’t heal, something like this, what type of disease is it? Types of Eczema/allergy to the environment and soap?rnThank you,

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Hi Rofi,

Complaints of small watery spots around the fingers can occur in several circumstances. One that we often encounter is dyshidrotic eczema or also called pomfolix. In pompholix, small ribs can be found around the fingers and toes. These blisters are very itchy and cause a burning sensation. In this elastic can appear pus if there is a secondary infection.

Pomfolix often recurs, so that after being treated and then cured, complaints may reappear. The following are risk factors for a person experiencing pompholyx:

use of antibiotics family members who have a history of stress pompholyx fungal infection Treatment of pompholyx is aimed at overcoming inflammation, namely by giving creams containing steroids, moisturizers to prevent dry skin (dry skin is more prone to eczema). You also need to control stress, avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics, and scratch the affected area.

Another possible cause of your complaint is irritant contact dermatitis (presumably due to the use of detergents). Symptoms of this dermatitis include:

dry and thickened skin a red, inflamed rash; sometimes blisters and painful scaly skin You should consult a dermatologist so that the cause of your complaint can be diagnosed and treated appropriately. Avoid hand contact with detergent, for example by using gloves when washing.

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