Itching On The Groin Accompanied By Reddened Skin

Illustration of Itching On The Groin Accompanied By Reddened Skin
Illustration: Itching On The Groin Accompanied By Reddened Skin

Itching on the groin and skin on red ,,

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Itching is one of the things that can interfere with daily activities. Especially if you experience itching in the groin, it will certainly look inappropriate if you scratch it in a public place. To overcome this, there are several itch medications in the groin that can be used. However, do not just choose, because the type of medication must be adjusted to the cause of the itching you experience. Basically, itching in the groin can be caused by infection and irritation. Here are some causes of itching in the groin:

Fungal infections that cause itching in the groin can be tinea crurisataucandidiasis. Symptoms of a fungal infection can be identified from a red rash on the groin that feels very itchy and sore, especially when sweating. The rash can also be scaly and flaky.
Pubic lice: Itching in the groin can be caused by pubic lice. Both of these parasites can live in areas with hair on the human body, including pubic hair, and cause itching.

contact dermatitis: inflammation of the skin due to direct contact with certain substances or objects. This condition is characterized by redness that is dry, scaly, and of course itchy. Reddish rash is usually shaped according to the cause.
hygiene of genitals that are not maintained: one area of ​​the body that is always in a closed state. The crotch is usually covered by more than one layer of clothing, thus making the condition of the area there warmer than other body parts. If you are not diligent in caring for the cleanliness of intimate areas, then the area is easy to sweat and will become damp. Not to mention coupled with the presence of pubic hair that makes sweat, dead skin cells, and germs that might develop quickly. This is what causes you to experience itching in the groin.

that's part of the cause of complaints of itching in the groin, to ensure it must be done direct examination, for treatment must be known the underlying cause. You can go to the doctor if your complaint does not improve. There are several things you can do at home:

Clean the groin area thoroughly using soap and water every day, especially after exercising or doing outdoor activities.
Dry the crotch with a clean towel. Avoid using other people's used towels to reduce the risk of fungal and tick infections.
Always change clothes every day, especially underwear. Make sure the groin area is clean and dry.
Avoid wearing clothes or underwear that are too tight so that the groin is not damp and is not irritated by friction.
Avoid using detergents, fabric softeners, or bleach clothes whose chemicals are too strong to prevent irritation that can aggravate itching complaints.

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