Itching On The Hands After Being Bitten By Insects Accompanied Out Like A Thread?

Illustration of Itching On The Hands After Being Bitten By Insects Accompanied Out Like A Thread?
Illustration: Itching On The Hands After Being Bitten By Insects Accompanied Out Like A Thread?

Afternoon, Doc I want to ask, my husband has itching on his hands like a bite from an insect he said. Then my husband gouged out the itchy part that turned out to be a kind of thread, if it was still attached to the flesh that was like a thread that had an elastic texture but if it had come out it looked like thread. What do you think that is ?? The one that looks like a long thread is a kind of parasite ?? Thanks in advance.

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Itching in the arm area can be caused by several possibilities, including allergic reactions to exposure to certain substances, inflammation of the skin (dermatitis) due to contact with substances that cause allergies (allergic contact dermatitis), irritant contact dermatitis, venenata dermatitis, neurodermatitis, insect bite , fungal, bacterial, or parasitic infections.

Generally, insect bites do not leave live parasites in wound bites, but will cause inflammatory reactions in the area around the bite. Symptoms can occur such as pain in the bite area, swelling, redness, itching in the bite area. It should be noted if after a bite / sting insects cause symptoms all over the face and the body appears biduran, looks swollen, especially on the face, accompanied by symptoms of difficulty breathing / shortness, immediately to the emergency department if you get the condition after insect bites / stings.

To overcome your condition, it is recommended to see a doctor or dermatologist regarding the examination and management of the condition that underlies the complaint that you are experiencing. Examination can be done with a magnifying glass as a tool to ascertain the presence of parasites in insect bite wounds that your husband experienced. For more information on insect bites, you can access this link.

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