Itching On The Skin Of The Legs Until Redness?

Illustration of Itching On The Skin Of The Legs Until Redness?
Illustration: Itching On The Skin Of The Legs Until Redness?

Hello. I want it, the skin on my feet often itches. The first symptom was itching “then small and hard lumps appeared, then reddening and it was the peak of itching, after a few days the itching diminished but left a blackish mark on the itching” only in certain areas. For example legs and stomach. The most frequent itch is on the ankle in front of the dpan and back to the calf … Do I have skin disease? and bgaimna spya I can get rid of black marks caused by itching “? Thank you.

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Hello Dian,

Thank you for asking

Leg and stomach skin that often feels itchy, nodular, reddish can occur due to infections, such as fungi (tinea pedis, tinea corporis, tinea versicolor), bacteria (impetigo, folliculitis), viruses (varicella), to parasites (scabies). This infection usually occurs in the skin due to poor personal hygiene. Close contact with people with other skin infections, either directly or indirectly (for example by exchanging clothing or footwear) can also make you more susceptible to infection.

In addition to infections, complaints on the skin of your feet and stomach may also indicate contact dermatitis, insect bites, seborrheic dermatitis, drug eruptions, allergies, xerosis, and so on. As for itchy skin, for whatever reason, if it is scratched excessively, it can certainly leave a blackish mark (hyperpigmentation) which is more difficult to remove than the cause of the itch itself.

Most cases like you are not dangerous. However, given that complaints are very often repeated, you should still consult a doctor or dermatologist to be given appropriate treatment. Some types of creams, ointments, oral medications, or maybe allergy tests will be recommended by your doctor.

At home, you can apply the following steps:

Don't scratch or rub the skin excessively, even though it feels itchy
If it feels itchy, simply apply calamine lotion or sprinkle with salicyl powder
Diligent and clean shower
Also use clothing and footwear that are clean, made from soft, not tight, not exchanged with others
Do not carelessly drink or apply drugs to the skin without doctor's advice
Keep the skin away from exposure to substances that can cause inflamed skin
Do not stress
Protect skin from direct sunlight exposure
Apply sunscreen and moisturizer every activity

Hope this helps ...

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