Itching On The Thigh While Running.?

Illustration of Itching On The Thigh While Running.?
Illustration: Itching On The Thigh While Running.?

hello I’m great age 19 weight 75 height 163 I used to experience itching on the thighs while running and after I asked my brother they all experienced it too. is this something normal?

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Hello Gede,

Thank you for asking

Excessive friction in the thighs when running, especially if you use pants that are too tight and made of rough materials, can indeed cause irritation that causes the thigh to feel itchy. Not only that, itching around your thighs can also occur due to cholinergic urticaria, skin infections (such as fungi, bacteria, parasites, or viruses), allergies, contact dermatitis, insect bites, seborrheic dermatitis, psychosomatic disorders, and so on. Not infrequently, itching appears also accompanied by other complaints, such as redness, bruntusan, thickened, bumps, swelling, peeling, and so on.

Need to be clarified, other than when running, does the itching also not appear at other times? Do other parts of your body also experience itching? Do you live close to your relatives who have the same complaint?

Some types of itching can indeed arise due to genetic factors (hereditary, hereditary), so that it can be experienced by several people in one family at a time. Not only that, itching caused by infection, if not treated properly, can also be transmitted from 1 person to other people who come in close contact, either directly or indirectly (for example if you are not close to or together with your relatives, often exchange clothes or other personal items).

The condition of you and your sibling, if it feels very disturbing, should be checked directly to a doctor or dermatologist. Depending on the cause, later the doctor can give you a different treatment. At home, you try to implement the following steps:

Do not scratch excessive itchy thighs When itching hits, simply apply calamine lotion on your itchy skin Take a diligent bath, including when the body sweats after running When running, wear comfortable, loose, soft-made pants, absorb sweat, and also clean If fatigue when running, take a short break, then continue again Avoid exchanging clothes, pants, towels, or other personal belongings with others, even though it's your own brother Avoid contact between the skin and substances that can trigger allergies or irritation Hope it helps ..

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