Itching Sensation In People With Tooth Cysts And Abscesses?

Illustration of Itching Sensation In People With Tooth Cysts And Abscesses?
Illustration: Itching Sensation In People With Tooth Cysts And Abscesses?

Hello, what is the cyst u0026amp; a normal itchy tooth abscess?

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Cysts and abscesses are two different medical conditions, the cyst itself is an abnormal tissue in the form of a pocket, dental cysts generally occur in the area around the root of the tooth or around the gums, cysts are formed due to a tooth infection that is not handled properly, besides that dental cysts can also be arises because of the improper position of the dentition. Although dental cysts are often associated with a history of infection in the teeth, dental cysts do not form as a result of the infection process itself, in contrast to abscesses. If the abscess is accompanied by pain and also swelling of the gums, it is even difficult to open the mouth, but the tooth cyst can have almost no symptoms at all.

Both tooth cysts and abscesses generally will not cause itching symptoms, so it is necessary to consider other conditions so that eventually itching appears in the tooth or gum area. The presence of food debris, allergic reactions, or wounds can be one of the causes of itching in the oral cavity.

Therefore, a direct examination by a dentist needs to be carried out, medical handling of complaints of itching in the oral cavity will be determined based on the results of the examination.

As for suggestions that can be done so that the complaint does not get heavier is to regularly brush your teeth in the morning after breakfast and at night before going to bed, then you should avoid hard, tough, and sticky foods. Then sugary foods and drinks should also be avoided.

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