Itching / Sores Under The Big Toe Of A 5thn Child?

Illustration of Itching / Sores Under The Big Toe Of A 5thn Child?
Illustration: Itching / Sores Under The Big Toe Of A 5thn Child?

Ass, I want to ask why the itchy / sore under my thumb doesn’t heal completely later I will repeat it again after I was given an ointment, itching accompanied by small dots under the skin where the contents are broken down when the water gets rid of it, when the itching recurs, it appears and becomes a sore, , if you can send a photo, the solution has been updated, how’s the solution, bro, if the doctor has a prescription thanks

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Itching in the leg area can be caused by various causes. From the situation you are experiencing, itching on the big toe accompanied by the appearance of a sore on the area may be due to impetigo.

Impetigo is a bacterial infection that occurs in the skin layer. Impetigo can occur in various places on the body, including the soles of the feet and the big toe area. Impetigo is usually caused by direct contact with objects that contain bacteria such as sandals, shoes, and footwear. In addition, impetigo can also occur in people with poor hygiene. Impetigo can also recur, impetigo can cause symptoms such as:

Itching, reddish, blistered skin that is filled like fluid can be accompanied by pain of impetigo requires treatment using certain anti-inflammatory drugs or antibiotics that are tailored to your child's condition.

but besides that, the condition that your child is experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

allergic dermatitis, scabies, fungal infections with secondary infections, therefore, if your child's condition continues to recur, you should check your child directly to a dermatologist, so that the doctor can check the condition of your child directly. Thus, the doctor can provide the right therapy for your child.

change socks regularly, wash sandals and shoes regularly. If the condition of sweaty feet, immediately wipe using a clean cloth. Don't scratch the itchy area. Avoid using any drugs.

here is an article that you can read about Impetigo

may be useful. Thank you

dr. Danny

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