Itching That Feels Inside The Skin And Spreads When Going To Sleep?

Illustration of Itching That Feels Inside The Skin And Spreads When Going To Sleep?
Illustration: Itching That Feels Inside The Skin And Spreads When Going To Sleep?

I am itchy, which is likely due to bacteria, he is in the skin and spreads, itching is amazing when going to sleep, yesterday I was given dextamine, it subsided, but if I don’t consume it it recurs again, in the same place, even the scars from the itch itching again, the doctor said it should be consumed until all the germs die, but yesterday I felt already, after I stopped the medicine relapsed again, so it seems like the bacteria are just sleeping by the dextamine drug, please advise, I’m tortured

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Hello Cahyo,

Thank you for the question.

Itching that feels inside the skin and spreads especially when going to sleep can be caused by many things, depending on the characteristics of the itch, such as when it appeared itchy, which parts of the body feel itchy, how the shape of the skin feels itchy, are there bumps, what color, and what color it looks like, and what triggers the itching, as well as a history of allergies, a history of previous illnesses, and a history of treatment.

The following are possible causes of complaints of itching that you feel:

Tinea corporis or ringworm.
Prickly heat.
Atopic dermatitis.

Here's what you can do to reduce your complaint:

Try to identify factors that trigger itching, such as allergies, such as dust, eggs, milk and milk products, reduce consumption of these ingredients and see the difference.
Change and wash your clothes and bed linen regularly with warm water and dry in the sun.
Avoid scratching the itch.
Avoid using clothes or towels together with other people.
Use a powder or salicylate lotion to reduce itching.

The medicine given to you is an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory drug, which tends to only treat the symptoms of itching. If you do not identify the cause of the itching and make lifestyle improvements, then the itching will continue to reappear. You can consult a dermatologist so that the doctor will evaluate your complaint, conduct a physical examination, and conduct investigations if needed such as a skin swab test or allergy test so that the doctor can handle according to the cause of your complaint.

Hopefully this information can help and hopefully get well soon.


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