Itching To Blisters On The Anus Area Of ​​the Child & Foot Area?

Illustration of Itching To Blisters On The Anus Area Of ​​the Child & Foot Area?
Illustration: Itching To Blisters On The Anus Area Of ​​the Child & Foot Area?

Morning. I want to ask about my child who br 2 years near his anus is itchy red until blisters are like bumps … And on his feet the beginning is only a small wound brnanah I only have alcohol but it has become bigger like that scabies .. How to handle it ?? Is the medicine that I can get at the pharmacy?

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Redness, itching, blisters, and bumps around the anus in children aged 2 years are often caused by irritation. These irritants may have many causes, ranging from excessive friction or scratching, using diapers that are too tight or too long, contact with soap, oil, or detergent, and so on. Apart from irritation, complaints in the anus can also arise due to other causes, for example infections (such as shingles, impetigo, folliculitis, fungi, miliaria), contact dermatitis (inflammation of the skin that is triggered by contact with irritative or allergenic substances), insect bites, etc.

Meanwhile, a small festering wound in the foot can indicate a bacterial infection. This infection is susceptible to occur in feet that are often exposed to excessive dirt and moisture. Not only bacteria, various other microorganisms, such as fungi, mites, or viruses can also trigger this complaint. As for the handling of wounds due to infection that is not right, it could make the wounds spread and form scabs when dry.

We recommend that you consult your child directly to the doctor, pediatrician, or dermatologist so that further evaluation is done regarding the condition. Generally, enough with a direct physical examination the doctor is able to identify what the best management needs to be done. Without checking your child's condition directly, it is impossible for us to provide treatment only by online consultations such as. Here are some suggestions for preliminary treatment from us:

Bathe your child cleanly using child-specific bathing products
Give your child clothes that are also clean, loose, and absorb sweat
If the child is still using diapers, prioritize the use of cloth diapers, or disposable diapers made from soft, sized fit with your child's buttocks, and replaced periodically at least 4 hours
If the child is able to communicate well, practice toilet training early
Encourage children not to scratch excessive rashes on their buttocks and feet
Do not also carelessly provide treatment for rashes on the buttocks and legs of children without doctor's advice
If the child has a history of allergies to certain substances, keep the child out of contact with these substances
Keep the environment around the child clean

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