Itching To The Wound On The Shaft Of The Penis?

Illustration of Itching To The Wound On The Shaft Of The Penis?
Illustration: Itching To The Wound On The Shaft Of The Penis?

Hi. I want a consultation on the part of my pubic shaft, the initial wound is just itchy, suddenly there is a patch of spots and it hasn’t been dry for 3 days to dry quickly, what’s the ointment?

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Hello Indra,

Thank you for asking

The penis is one area of ​​the body that often experiences friction so that sores appear easily. This wound, if it is inflamed, can itch, it can also become reddish, wet, and difficult to cure. These inflammation triggers can vary, can be due to irritation, secondary infections (including those related to sexually transmitted infections), or also other skin conditions, such as contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, and so on. Aside from excessive friction, sores on your penis can also occur due to other trauma, for example due to scratching, excessive sexual intercourse, and so on.

The question now is, what initially sparked the emergence of these wounds? Have you ever had risky sexual activities (having sex with a partner with an unclear sexual history without a condom)? Are there other complaints that arise, such as sore, suppurating, bruntusan, and so on?

Before deciding to use an ointment, we recommend that you first check your complaint to your doctor or dermatologist. Because, the various possibilities above can have different treatments depending on the cause. Without direct inspection, it is impossible for the right treatment to be given. In fact, if deemed necessary, the doctor who can examine you will also recommend that you undergo additional examinations, such as laboratories, biopsies, and so on.

For now, rather than just using an ointment carelessly, we recommend that you live the following tips first:

Improve personal hygiene, including in your pubic area, that is with a diligent shower, clean the genitals well after urinating and having sex, and always use underwear that is also clean, loose, and replaced periodically
Do not hold the wound on the penis with dirty hands
Shorten your pubic hair
Stay away from all forms of risky sex

Hope this helps ...

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