Itching Until The Head Ends?

Illustration of Itching Until The Head Ends?
Illustration: Itching Until The Head Ends?

Hello, my hand is sticking out and it’s itchy, I guess that’s why and how to cure it

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Reddish spurts or spots on the hands can be caused by:

Insect bite

Allergic contact dermatitis


Fungal infections of the skin

Bacterial infections such as folliculitis

Parasitic infection is scabies

Insect bites often cause formation of reddish spots in some places and are accompanied by complaints of itching. Allergic contact dermatitis is caused by exposure to allergies that touch the part of the affected skin. In addition, fungal infections in the body (tinea corporis) can also show a picture of reddish spots that are itchy and generally circular. Folliculitis is a bacterial infection of hair follicles in the body. While scabies is a parasitic infection of mites that form small tunnels on the surface of the skin, often in the folds of fingers, hands, feet, buttocks and back. Scabies often occurs in groups of people and is easily transmitted. Itching is often felt at night.
To find out the exact cause, a direct examination must be carried out to see the appearance of symptoms experienced in skin disorders that you feel. A direct doctor's check-up can determine the exact cause and treatment.
To help reduce complaints, some things you can do at home include

Maintain personal hygiene

Avoid the skin from exposure to chemicals contained in household products

Changing sweaty clothes with clean clothes

Take a bath at least 2x a day and use hypoallergic soap

Do not use personal items in turn with others

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