Itching When Using A Young Mango Mask?

Illustration of Itching When Using A Young Mango Mask?
Illustration: Itching When Using A Young Mango Mask?

Good night, I am 17 years old entering 18 years old, I have sensitive facial skin, and on my face there are pimples and scars, then I tried using a mask made from young mangoes. But when I use the mango mask, I immediately feel itching on my face. Is that reasonable or not? Please explain, thank you …

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Ole Fanii Ftryn thanks for asking

Each type of skin usually requires a different way of skin care. Because of that each person's facial skin care varies depending on the type of skin type, for example oily dry skin type, normal or sensitive skin.

Several ways can be done to treat facial skin to stay healthy both naturally or with medication. Face masks are also the one facial treatment that can be done so that facial skin remains healthy. But some products or ingredients used as skin masks for sensitive skin also need attention.

Complaints that arise from you in the form of itching after using the mask can be caused by irritation or allergic reaction. Moreover, sensitive facial skin is very easy to occur irritation. Even though the face mask is made of natural ingredients, it does not rule out irritation or allergies. It is better to stop using it, and immediately wash your face with clean water if itching, burning, skin peeling or blushing. Because it can be a sign of irritation or allergies.

To deal with sensitive skin, a few steps you can take for example:

Choose special products for sensitive skin including facial wash soap, sunscreen and opelebab. Choose hypoallergenic products. Avoid using products that contain perfume and detergent because they can irritate the skin
Always use sunscreen, or face shield for example by using a hat when exposed to sunlight
Do not use over-the-counter medicinal creams before consulting
Avoid using makeup too often
Wash the face naturally with a gentle not rubbing the face strongly

More about: Tips for Caring for Sensitive Skin

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