Illustration of Itchy
Illustration: Itchy

doc, I experienced itching on the testicles, it’s been about a month I have itched, after I scratched my testicles I came out red bumps of red and now emit a white fluid, now a bump appears on the head of my penis and becomes injured, every night I feel itchy

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Hello Farid, thank you for asking at

Complaints of itching accompanied by a lump on your private area can be caused by various things. To overcome this, naturally there must be a direct examination (physical examination) as well as a number of other additional checks required. Some causes of complaints that you feel include:

Sexually transmitted infections such as gonorrhea, genital herpes, and so on
Fungal infections

Scabies or scabies

Pthirus pubis or pubic lice
Dematitis, and so on

For now things you can do are:

Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Get enough rest and drink water
Do not scratch the pubic area especially if the hands are not clean
Do not use underwear that is too tight
Avoid using personal items together
Maintain the cleanliness of private areas
Dry the private area so it is not damp
Avoid having unsafe sex
If the complaint persists immediately contact a doctor so that further examination and treatment can be given. If the cause is allergic to children given anti-allergic drugs, if the fungus is given anti-fungal, and so on. Therefore avoid using drugs carelessly before consulting your doctor. So, hopefully this is useful.

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