Itchy And Irritated Facial Skin When You Wake Up?

Illustration of Itchy And Irritated Facial Skin When You Wake Up?
Illustration: Itchy And Irritated Facial Skin When You Wake Up? Bing

Evening doctor, I’m lila..rnHere I want to ask, yesterday when I woke up I felt that my face felt itchy and irritated. And on this day it turned out that the irritation on my face made my face, especially on the cheeks, feel very itchy mixed with soreness and then small pimple-like spots filled with pus appeared.rnMy mother told me to use a natural mask like honey, after using honey and I rinsed my face me, a few minutes later I feel that my face is getting dry, and I use aloe vera gel with the intention of moisturizing my face, but it still doesn’t have any effect on my face, what should I do?rnThank you

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Hi Lila,

Thank you for asking

Facial skin that feels itchy and sore with the appearance of purulent pustules may indeed indicate irritation. This irritation can be triggered by many factors, for example due to exposure to pollution, ultraviolet light, use of inappropriate skin care products, and so on. Skin irritation like this is more prone to occur in those who have sensitive skin types.

Overcoming skin irritation needs to be done by first identifying the cause of the irritation. If the cause is exposure to certain chemicals, then stay away from contact between these chemicals and the skin. Furthermore, you can overcome these irritation symptoms through the following efforts:

Avoid touching irritated skin too often Wash your face twice a day using cool water and a mild soap (eg baby soap). Gently pat your skin, don't rub too much. Avoid using cleansing or skin care products that contain alcohol. Limit excessive use of cosmetics. Also avoid indiscriminate application of masks, including those from natural ingredients, such as lemon, egg whites. Protect your skin from exposure to pollution and excessive sunlight. Use sunscreen that contains SPF 30, a hat wide, and an umbrella when outdoor activities In addition, also balance the above efforts with a regular sleep pattern, eat more vegetables and fruit, avoid stress, and drink enough.

By doing the steps above consistently, skin irritation will generally improve within 1 to 3 days. However, if the complaint does not improve within 3 days, you should immediately check your complaint to a dermatologist so that further evaluation is carried out.

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I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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