Itchy And Sore Eyes After Eye Lump Surgery?

Illustration of Itchy And Sore Eyes After Eye Lump Surgery?
Illustration: Itchy And Sore Eyes After Eye Lump Surgery? Bing

amualaikum doctor and good evening, I want to ask, my mother once had a circle about a few cm at the end of the eye near the nose which was operated on about 5 to 6 months ago but for the past few months my eyes often itch and also sting until they are very red because they are rubbed. itchy and have been taken to bed or have used eye drops there is a decrease but in the meantime what according to the doctor what should I do so that my eyes don’t itch and sting anymore?

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Waalaikumussalam Cut,

Thanks for the question at Complaints of itching in the eyes can occur in several circumstances. Symptoms of itching can also be accompanied by other complaints such as:

·       tears

·      burning sensation in the eye

·       feels something is stuck in your eye

· red eye

Common causes are:

·       allergic conjunctivitis, inflammation of the conjunctiva of the eye due to allergies

·       dry eye syndrome, which occurs when tears do not lubricate your eyes enough

·      conjunctivitis due to contact lenses

Atopic eczema, eczema on the skin due to allergies can be accompanied by itchy eyes

·      impaired gland function in the eye

You can determine the cause of your complaint and how to treat it by consulting an ophthalmologist. The doctor will see the condition of your eyes through special tools such as an ophthalmoscope or a slit lamp. The treatment given is adjusted to the cause, such as eye drops containing steroids, antihistamines, artificial eye drops. Some things to do:

·       do not rub your eyes

·       avoiding exposure to dust, dead animal skin cells

·       wear goggles when leaving the house to avoid exposure to dust

·       cold water compress to reduce itching

That's my information, I hope it's useful.


dr. juniar

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