Itchy Body And Red And Dry Scars?

Illustration of Itchy Body And Red And Dry Scars?
Illustration: Itchy Body And Red And Dry Scars?

Good night. Introduce me May 26 years old. I want to ask, there are itchy marks on my skin in some parts, such as the waist, thighs and legs. The scars are initially red and then they dry and accumulate in several parts. This complaint arose after I took Pro TB drug 4, I was sick of my TB gland. Not itchy, but these scars continue to appear in some parts. Is this a side effect of the drug? Please explain. Thank you

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Hello May, Thank you for asking

Red rash accompanied by itching is a common complaint that often occurs in both women and men at all ages. Itchy rashes on the skin can occur due to various factors, such as infection, heat, allergens, immune system disorders, or drugs.

Pro TB is a drug that contains several combinations of drugs to treat tuberculosis infections including glandular TB. Every drug has certain side effects, but not all the same side effects will appear in everyone. One of them is an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions that appear on everyone are also different, one of which is the itchy reddish rash on the skin. Before you need to know clearly the onset of complaints of red rashes and itching that arise if it arises after you take the drug pro TB. However, if you have been taking pro-TB drugs within a few weeks, a reddish rash appears, possibly allergic reactions can be removed.

But to make sure you should check the condition of the coolies to your doctor beforehand to be examined directly, if it is suspected to be an allergic reaction usually the doctor will menyranakan to stop the drug. But keep in mind to follow the doctor's advice, do not stop or change the dose of the drug without the doctor's recommendation.

Here are some common causes of other skin red rashes:

Contact dermatitis, which is inflammation or skin inflammation that occurs as a result of direct contact with a substance that triggers an allergic reaction or irritation, such as soap, cosmetics, perfume, jewelry. Atopic dermatitis, known as eczema. Usually characterized by dry and itchy skin. The cause is not known with certainty. The possibility of genetic or hereditary factors and an unclean environment can increase the risk. Tinea or tapapap is an infection that can be spread and spread to several parts of the body, such as the scalp, under the breast, around the armpits, groin, to the feet. Scabies or scabies, skin irritation caused by Sarcoptes scabiei mites. A common symptom of cabies is severe rashes and itching, especially at night. Each cause of the skin condition can have different treatments, therefore a direct examination is needed to determine the cause of the reddish rash on the skin so that it can be treated according to the cause.

That's all the answers from jami, hope it's useful

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