Itchy Bumps After Consumption Of Salmon In Children?

good evening doksaya I want to ask about about my child has a 1 year old baby 2 months why is my child’s skin now dry? then I usually make salmon porridge mixed with cornish mediocre .. but yesterday I made salmon porridge itching itchy thighs to my feet.

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complaints that your child is experiencing might be caused due to an allergy to the meal. Food allergies are excessive reactions from the immune system to substances in certain foods that are actually harmless. These reactions then trigger a number of symptoms that vary in the body. An allergic reaction after eating certain foods can appear mild, such as itching and swollen lips, to the severe symptoms that are referred to as saphafilactic. Anaphylactic shock can be life-threatening if the sufferer is late getting the right medical treatment.

The cause of food allergies is the immune system which overreacts to substances in food, generally protein. When food allergens trigger the body, the immune system will stimulate cells to release antibodies known as immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies. In addition to IgE antibodies , the body will also release histamine and other chemicals. These substances that ultimately cause signs and symptoms of allergies such as diarrhea, itching, runny nose, swelling, and even anaphylactic shock. Substances that cause allergies must be at a certain amount until they can cause allergic reactions. Allergens can come in little by little and repeatedly without causing a reaction. But when the substance has crossed the line, then the body will react. so the beginning of your child eating the food there is no reaction.

You should do a direct examination to the pediatrician to ascertain the cause experienced by your child, if if it is caused by an allergy, maybe the doctor will ask if there is a family experiencing the same hereditary factors usually this is experienced if there is a family experiencing the same thing. and your doctor may be able to recommend skin allergy tests, blood tests and food tests if needed to find the cause. Actually this allergy treatment means knowing the originator and if needed the doctor can provide antihistain medication according to doisis, if the conditions experienced to anaphylatic shock immediately bring it to the nearest emergency room for immediate handling.

whereas dry skin in children can be caused by several things such as cold and dry air, sunburn, or exposure to chlorine in water in swimming pools. In addition, bathing habits that are too long, using too much soap, or allergic to skin care products that are used, can also cause your baby's skin to become dry and irritated.

Generally dry baby's skin is not dangerous, you just care for the skin properly, the skin condition will soon improve. However, in babies whose skin is dry due to certain health problems, doctor's treatment is needed. Mentioning that dry skin does not get proper care can cause complications, such as infection due to injury due to skin peeling.

there are some tips for dealing with dry skin in children:

 do not bathe the baby for too long after bathing the baby, immediately applying moisturizer so that the skin moisture is maintained. This needs to be done routinely when the baby's skin condition is clean. you can use a special baby moisturizer to make sure the fluid needs are sufficient, such as milk and water so that the child does not become dehydrated which can cause dry skin other than moisturizer, can use your child sunscreen / sun block for children when outside the home if you have done the tips above but there is no improvement and if you experience skin peeling and infections in children immediately take the child to the doctor so that it can be handled properly such as oral drugs, topical drugs and other therapies done to help prevent complications.

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hopefully can help you thank you

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