Itchy Bumps On The Feet And Hands?

Illustration of Itchy Bumps On The Feet And Hands?
Illustration: Itchy Bumps On The Feet And Hands?

, I want to ask. This morning I woke up and suddenly a small itchy bump appeared on my foot. I guess cold allergies. Then I give eucalyptus oil. But even more widespread until the hands like a biduran

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Hi Hendy,

Thank you for asking

Itchy bumps on the feet and hands can indeed be caused one of them by cold allergies. But not only that, a variety of other possibilities can also trigger this complaint, for example:

Allergy to other substances, for example certain foods or medicines, clothing materials, soap

Insect or other animal bites
Skin infections, such as due to folliculitis, impetigo, prickly heat, fungus
Others, for example contact dermatitis, hormonal disorders, excessive skin pressure, physical activity is too heavy, side effects of drugs, viral or other bacterial infections, disorders of immunity, and so on

Provision of eucalyptus oil which has a hot sensation can indeed cause itching to become increasingly. Therefore, you should stop this method, and take the following steps:

Pay attention to what initially triggered the complaint, for example if there are certain foods or drugs that you have consumed, then avoid as much as possible the trigger is
Don't panic or worry too much
Do not scratch the skin, even though it feels itchy
Take a shower, wash your hands, and shorten your nails
Use clothes that are loose, made from cool, and clean
Drink plenty of water
Avoid contact with excessive cold temperatures, dry air, direct sunlight, dust, pollen, animal dander, or other possible allergens
Apply calamine lotion to itchy skin
Do not carelessly take medication before seeing a doctor

If within 1-2 days your complaint does not improve, even continues to spread to other body parts, accompanied by fever, nausea, vomiting, swelling, tightness, dizziness, and other severe complaints, do not delay, check yourself immediately to see a doctor or a skin specialist. With direct physical examination, or assisted by supporting examinations, such as laboratories, allergy tests, etc., the best treatment is often determined.

Hope this helps ...

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