Itchy Ears?

Illustration of Itchy Ears?
Illustration: Itchy Ears?

Good evening, sorry to ask. I have experienced itching in the inner ear for about 6 months. I have been to the ENT specialist a number of times, I was cured but now it starts itching again until the discharge comes out. How to reduce or cure this very painful itching huh? ūüôŹ

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Hello Fatma, thank you for asking

Introduce me Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Complaints of itching and discharge in the ear can be caused by several things. Some possible diseases that occur to you are as follows:

  Otomikosis.- Fungal infection of the ear and usually occurs in the outer ear canal. Complaints that feel usually itchy, swollen, peeled skin, pain, swelling, discharge from the ear canal, etc. Otitis Eksterna. Inflammation that occurs in the outer ear canal can be referred to as Otitis Eksterna Infection that can occur due to bacteria / viruses. Complaints that arise can be mild and severe. In mild symptoms, the ear will feel like it's blocked, pain that arises is mild, and in severe symptoms the pain will increase, discharge / pus from the ear. Serumen Prop. - Blockage of the external ear canal caused by earwax can be called serumen prop. This is a mild ear disease but if left unchecked will cause other problems that can be more serious. Symptoms that are felt are usually only blocked ears, itchy, and uncomfortable. Treatment of the three diseases above can be completed, meaning that the cause of the disorder can disappear / heal completely. But do not rule out complaints will return again, which means re-infection occurs in your body. The three diseases above can be related to each other, for example, ear plugs, so that bacteria develop otitis eskterna, etc.

Some factors that can cause some of the above diseases are:

 Moderate immunity due to excessive activity, weather changes, poor diet, etc. The habit of prying ears too often. Swimming habits. Swimming will make the water will enter the ear and can increase humidity and erode the earwax that should protect the ears, or develop the earwax so that it clogs. Injury to the ear canal. The amount of ear wax is too little or too much. The function of this serumen is immunity to the ear. Narrow / abnormal ear canal. For that you need to evaluate yourself, and immediately come to the doctor and treat this recurring complaint. Preferably because this disease can cause complications such as hearing loss.

Right now what you can do is:

 Get enough rest and maintain your diet regularly. Clean the ears occasionally, not too often and for too long. We recommend 1-2 times per month. If you are a swimmer or like to swim, your ear has water absorbed, use an ear plug to avoid it. Consult yourself to the doctor. So the answers from me hopefully help

Thank you :)

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