Itchy Eyes Right To The Nose?

Illustration of Itchy Eyes Right To The Nose?
Illustration: Itchy Eyes Right To The Nose?

Hello, I’m Yola, my right eye feels itchy and sore when it rubs and it feels nauseous when I touch it , and continue to feel right again, on the left I don’t give medicine or anything when it starts to disappear and feels right, I have given eye drops to relieve itching in the eyes, so my question is whether this is an allergy or an eye disease or something entered my eyes like animals or something, for the doctor’s response I say thank you 😊

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Hello Sarah, Thank you for the question.

In general, itchy eyes are caused by allergic reactions. Apart from itching, you can also experience other symptoms such as red eyes, watery eyes, or swollen eyelids. Allergic reactions that occur can be in the form of local allergies in the eye for example due to the use of cosmetics in the eyes and insect bites or are part of allergic rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis is inflammation of the nasal wall caused by an allergic reaction. In allergic rhinitis, you can experience itchy nose, nasal congestion, runny nose, and sneezing. When you experience allergic rhinitis, your eyes can also feel itchy.

To ensure what happens to your eyes, of course, further examination is needed by a doctor. If this complaint is very disturbing to you, please immediately see your doctor. The doctor will ask about your complaints and do an examination on you. After knowing the cause, the doctor will provide appropriate treatment. You are not recommended to use eye drops without doctor's advice to avoid medication errors. If you want to use eye drops, you can use eye drops that function as artificial tears to help cleanse your eyes. You can also compress cold water on itchy eyes to help reduce itching. Avoid rubbing the eyes that feels itchy and avoid exposure to dust or other air pollution.

I hope this helps.

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