Itchy Facial Skin At Night Until Redness?

Illustration of Itchy Facial Skin At Night Until Redness?
Illustration: Itchy Facial Skin At Night Until Redness?

Hello, I want to ask. A few months ago my facial skin on the left and right cheekbones suddenly itched in the middle of the night when I fell asleep, and half-consciously I scratched and in the morning my face turned red and my skin peeled off. In the following nights the itching appeared again in the interval for a long time after the last itch, it can be said rarely itchy but still continued until now. Sometimes I accidentally scratch my skin while sleeping when my condition is half-conscious and my skin is getting red and the skin is thickening and sometimes the skin is peeling off. I want to ask whether it is a disease? And how to get rid of itching and restore my skin to normal. Thanks

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Hello, thank you for the question to

Itching on facial skin can be caused by many possibilities, including:

dry facial skin
skin infections such as fungal or bacterial infections
contact dermatitis
atopic dermatitis
seborrheic dermatitis

Basically, your facial skin becomes thickened because you often experience injuries because you scratch. Therefore, the main thing you have to do is stop scratching your face. Trim your nails regularly so they are always short so they don't hurt your face if you accidentally scratch your face.

To find out the most effective way to eliminate itching on your face, you must first look for the exact cause. Each of the possible causes mentioned above has different management. You should check with your dermatologist for further evaluation of the skin. In addition to being able to see lesions on your facial skin directly, your doctor can also perform additional checks such as skin scraping to find the cause of the itching.

Some other things you can do for a while:

Wash your face regularly 2x a day, morning and night before bed
Avoid rubbing the face too hard
Use a gentle soap specifically for the face, avoid using antiseptic soap or soap containing scrubs
Use a facial moisturizer after you wash your face
If itching occurs after you use certain facial care products or cosmetics, stop using it immediately
Use sunscreen in the morning and afternoon
You should also avoid direct sunlight on facial skin
If you use cosmetics, make sure you wash your brush regularly
Also wash your sheets and pillowcases bolster regularly

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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