Itchy, Heavy Chest Accompanied By Nausea

Illustration of Itchy, Heavy Chest Accompanied By Nausea
Illustration: Itchy, Heavy Chest Accompanied By Nausea

My chest feels itchy and heavy (I’m not in a cough, runny nose or fever) and my stomach feels nauseous about to vomit

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Complaints that you feel are generally caused by disorders of the stomach, such as gastric acid disease / GERD, gastritis, peptic ulcers. In patients with gastric disorders, can be accompanied by complaints in the form of nausea, shortness of breath, discomfort in the chest, headache, pain in the gut, often belching, flatulence, to vomiting. In addition to interference with the stomach, complaints that you feel can be due to heart problems or chest injuries. Here are some tips you can do at home to help reduce complaints:

- Eat regularly

- Reduce spicy and sour foods

- Manage stress well

- Consumption of enough water

- Limit caffeine consumption

- Avoid lying down straight after eating

- Avoid smoking and avoid alcohol consumption.

- Take antacids to help reduce complaints

If the complaint does not improve or is getting worse, then do a direct check with the doctor. Currently due to the epidemic covid 19, it is expected to limit your activities outside the home, stay at home, consume nutritious food, consume enough water, rest enough, keep a distance from others at least 2 meters, wear a mask when activities outside the home, routine do hand washing with soap. Read more to understand corona: VIRUS CORONA.

Thank you, hope that helps.

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