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hello doc, at that time my nose had ulcers. then I went to the pharmacy K-24 was given ointment kalmicetine. after it healed, but a few days my nose is always itchy, sneezing, runny. given a cure for cold flu, but the next day back again. what is the solution dock ?. thank you

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Complaints of itchy nose can occur due to various things. In some conditions complaints can occur along with other complaints such as runny nose, blocked nose, and so on. Some of the causes of nasal itching are:

Viral infections, such as influenza

Allergic rhinitis
There are polyps on the nose
Other problems such as the presence of injury to the nose, and so on

To ascertain the cause must be examined directly by a doctor. But some things you can do right now, like:

Clean the house regularly
Change the sleeping pad once a week
Use a mask when leaving the house
Eat healthy and nutritious foods
Get enough rest and drink water
Avoid poking at the nostrils
Manage stress well
Avoid scratching your nose if itching
Wash the nose with warm water if the nose feels itchy

If the complaint continues, consult a doctor immediately for further examination and treatment.

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