Itchy Palms And Feet?

Illustration of Itchy Palms And Feet?
Illustration: Itchy Palms And Feet?

evening, I want to ask. why yes it’s been two days the soles of my feet and hands are often itchy, the palms are red and swollen and the hands are hard to grip (no pain), please explain. thank you

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Hi Putri, thank you for asking the team.

Complaints of itching that you feel can be caused by the following:

- Scabies or scabies: itching caused by mites that multiply in the skin layer. Complaints in the form of itching, especially at night, minor injuries on several parts of the body, there are people around or nearby who experience the same thing.

- Allergic reactions: itching can be caused because you are allergic to the use of certain products, cold weather, dust, food, and others.

- Insect or parasitic bites

- An infection has occurred in the body

You can do a number of things to help reduce complaints: avoid contact with allergens if you have certain allergies, manage stress well, avoid scratching the itchy skin constantly and roughly, keeping the body clean and the environment clean, washing hands regularly, consumption of nutritious food, and avoid cigarettes or alcoholic drinks. If the complaint does not improve, then you can do an examination with a doctor. Use a mask when doing activities outside the home.

> Currently corona virus outbreaks, it is better to avoid doing activities outside the home except for important and urgent needs. Avoid crowded places. Use a mask when on the move outside the home. Wash your hands regularly with soap. Keep your body and family endurance. Learn more about this article: corona virus

The following article you can read:

Causes of itching on the body

Thank you, hope that helps.

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