Itchy Rash On The Head And Hands In A 48-year-old Woman?

Illustration of Itchy Rash On The Head And Hands In A 48-year-old Woman?
Illustration: Itchy Rash On The Head And Hands In A 48-year-old Woman?

My name is Ventje, age 48 years, … medicine, a solution that I can do with my skin disease, have gone to a dermatologist, diagnosed with scabies but have been treated twice to the same doctor but have not yet recovered, with therapeutic drugs, 3 kinds of drugs and 3 mixtures of ointments I don’t know the medicine I hope I can give you advice and medicine, thank you

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Hello Ventje,

Scabies or what in layman's terms is known as scabies is an infection of the skin caused by mites / ticks called Sarcoptes scabiei. This type of mite / lice likes humid conditions and can infect 1 person and then infect other people who live in the same room or in the same house. Transmission occurs through direct contact with the skin of the sufferer so that the diagnosis of scabies can attack families who live in one house. Signs and symptoms of scabies include:

Excruciating itching that occurs and gets worse at night
There is a small tunnel accompanied by a small lump at the end of the skin
The predilection site of infection usually occurs between the fingers or toes, back, sex organs, buttocks, etc.
When the affected area is scratched, it can secrete a clear liquid that can spread to other parts of the skin
Usually can attack 1 family in 1 house

For treatment, is by administering topical drugs on the affected part (which itches) with drugs such as permethrin, malathion, and sulfur. This topical treatment is usually carried out for about 12-24 hours so that the effect can be maximized in killing mites / lice and then rinsing the skin clean using clean water. Topical administration of this topical drug can be repeated 1 week later in order to ensure that all the mites are dead. Apart from being treated using drugs, several important things to do are:

Soak all bed sheets, towels, clothes, pants, curtains, blankets, bed covers in hot water, then wash them again and don't forget to dry in direct sunlight
Clean the entire floor and carpet regularly
If the furniture in the house is made of wood, try to provide moisture resistance or replace it with plastic material
Always hang out your towels, pillows
Can use calamine lotion on the itchy skin
Avoid scratching the itchy area of ​​the skin as this can cause a wound that has the potential to become another site of infection
You should also treat family members who are in the same house
Take a shower using slightly warm water to help reduce itching

However, if after undergoing treatment the complaints are still not getting better, try to check your skin condition again at a dermatologist for further evaluation and treatment.

I also attach an article about scabies to help add information.

May be useful.

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