Itchy Rashes All Over The Body That Are Spreading?

good morning, I am riski age 24 years ago I have been feeling some itching that has spread all over the body until there is a rash in the abdomen and under the breast, each itchiness I feel like scratching itchy and getting sore, why don’t I

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Hi Kikhy, thanks for asking with

Complaints that you feel (itching all over the body and the onset of rashes) can be caused by several things, namely:

- Allergic reactions: The causes of allergic reactions vary from person to person. Can be caused by certain food allergies, pollen allergies, animal hair allergies, dust allergies, drug allergies, and so forth.

- Bites or stings from insects or parasites can also cause itching on some or all of your body, such as head lice, bees, mosquitoes, pinworms, and others.

- The occurrence of infections, such as fungal infections of ringworm, chicken pox, fungus on the feet, fungal infections in the genital area can also cause itching.

- Atopic eczema

- Urticaria / Biduran

- And others..

Here are some things you can do at home to reduce your complaints:

- Avoid contact with the cause of your allergies (food allergies, dust, fur hair, etc.)

- Use materials or clothing that does not cause skin irritation, use clothes that are comfortable and not tight

- Avoid scratching the skin roughly

- Manage stress well

- Try to think positively

- Take an antihistamine medication that can help reduce the itching you feel.

If the complaint does not improve, then you should do an examination with a doctor. The doctor will conduct a short interview, physical examination and additional examination (supporting examination) if needed. If you feel shortness of breath, severe headaches, then immediately see a doctor.

The following article you can read: find out- medicine- itching- itching- throughout- body- here-

Thank you, I hope this helps ...

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