Itchy Redness To Bumps At Night?

Illustration of Itchy Redness To Bumps At Night?
Illustration: Itchy Redness To Bumps At Night? Bing

I have entered the 3rd trimester uk 32weeks and starting 4 days ago there was a severe itching in the stomach until the spots and redness then spread to the feet and hands itchy to the point of getting bumps and getting more and more nights I couldn’t sleep, especially if the sweat came out itchy, sorry, what I have PUPPP? If so, what is the safe way to handle it because this itching is very annoying…

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Hi Ayu,

Thank you for asking

PUPPP (Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaque of Pregnancy) often afflicts some women who are pregnant. The exact originator is still unknown, but many experts believe that this is related to hormonal changes during pregnancy, namely increased levels of the hormone estrogen which often causes the skin to become drier and more prone to irritation. Generally, PUPPP occurs in the period before delivery (3 months before delivery) and will subside after delivery as pregnancy hormone levels decrease. Clinically, PUPPP is characterized by the appearance of very itchy red patches or nodules, generally starting in the abdominal area, but can also spread to other areas of the body, such as the neck, chest, hands, and feet.

Indeed, the complaints you experience at first glance are similar to the symptoms of PUPPP. However, in addition to PUPPP, there are many other possible conditions that can show clinical symptoms as you are experiencing, including atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, tinea versicolor (phlegm), tinea corporis (body fungus), miliaria (prickly heat). , insect bites, drug eruptions, scabies (scabies), measles (measles), hand foot and mouth disease (Singapore flu), and so on.

It's best if you check directly with a dermatologist or obstetrician to make sure. If it is true that the complaint is purely due to PUPPP, then in mild conditions, doctors generally only need to give topical anti-itch medication, for example in the form of powder, cream, or lotion. However, if the symptoms are quite severe, oral treatment can also be added to make you feel more comfortable.

You should take the following steps to resolve your complaint:

Shower regularly 2x a day Choose loose and soft clothing Avoid exposure to allergens and irritants (eg extreme cold, dust mites, pollutants, animal dander, pollen, detergents) Do not scratch excessively itchy skin Sprinkle salycil powder or apply calamine lotion on the skin. itchy skin No stress or excessive anxiety Drink plenty of water Reduce consumption of seafood, eggs, and nuts, because it often aggravates itching Not exchanging towels or clothes with other people Hope this helps..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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