Itchy, Runny Ears And Pus Smells?

Illustration of Itchy, Runny Ears And Pus Smells?
Illustration: Itchy, Runny Ears And Pus Smells?

mw ask .. my left ear 1 month ago was seriously ill and if touched hearing pain also reduced because of bruising and skg no longer hurts and normal hearing but in these 2 weeks why does it run watery continuously … finally there is a lot of water if I wake up … and when the water comes out it must be really thick ears … the water smells like white blood if there is a wound … What is the healing process or getting worse … please inform me …

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Hello Bayu, Thank you for asking at

I am doctor Iranita will try to answer your question.

Based on the complaint you mentioned, ear pain accompanied by discharge from the ear is caused by several things as follows:

  Acute otitis media, which is where there is partial or total inflammation of the middle ear mucosa, eustacius tube, mastoid antrum etc. which occurs in less than 3 weeks. This is indicated by the ear feels full or painful and hearing can be reduced, the longer the more painful and can be accompanied by fever, then secret will come out or fluid in the ear. The cause of acute otitis media can be caused by viruses or bacteria, on average, this infection is triggered by a recurring cold cough and is not treated immediately. Otitis Eksterna, which is inflammation of the external ear canal. This is characterized by a sense of sharpness in the ear, especially when chewing or moving the jaw, feeling full in the ear, hearing loss, buzzing sound, etc. The cause of otitis externa is a history of frequent activities in water, a history of trauma or frequent matches, a history of systemic diseases such as diabetes mellitus, SLE, HIV otomycosis (fungus in the ear), in which there is fungus in the ear which causes very itching excess in the ear, in addition to itching the ear also experience pain, swelling, and also discharge from the ear. The cause of otomycosis is candida fungus or Aspergillus which is obtained from lack of cleanliness of the ears. Here are some things you can do at home:

 Avoid scraping the ears too often, if in need of cleaning the ears every 6 months to the ENT specialist doctor Avoid water entering the ear when swimming or wearing water cover Avoid ear stuffing Dry ears immediately apabilia ear exposed to water Immediately consult a doctor if complaints do not decrease and getting worse. Thus the answer from me, may be useful.

Always healthy. 😊

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