Itchy Skin After Using Water With Poor Quality?

Good night. Sorry for disturbing the time. I want to ask. There is quite a worm in the place where I live. Even though I made a filter in the water in my bathroom. But I got red like in herpes worms. And it is very very itchy. If I take the worm medicine it will get rid of herpes worms in my body, right? continue right. How long do you need to take for anthelmintic? Is there any chance that I might be exposed to the herpes LG? that’s why it can be red like that. Did the worm enter the body? Thanks. Sorry to interrupt. Good night

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Good morning, thanks for the question

The term herpes worms is actually not in medical terms, because herpes itself is not a species of worm but a virus. Herpes virus infection that attacks the skin can be in the form of herpes zoster or herpes simplex 1. In addition, herpes infection is also not associated with poor water quality because it is generally transmitted through direct contact.

Especially in shingles or known as chickenpox or snake pox is caused by the varicella virus that causes chicken pox that reactivates in the body after the patient has been infected with chickenpox a few years earlier, so that it appears as snake pox. Symptoms felt by patients such as reddish-filled fluid with a variety of sizes and can be fused, and appear only at one specific body location, which is most often in the chest or back. Often the patient also complains of extreme pain at the location of the bubble.

In the current condition it is better to consult directly with a doctor in advance so that an examination of the existing skin lesions can be carried out so that the diagnosis can be determined. If it is caused by shingles, the main treatment is oral administration of anti-virus and other symptomatic drugs.

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