Itchy Skin Does Not Heal?

Illustration of Itchy Skin Does Not Heal?
Illustration: Itchy Skin Does Not Heal?

Hello my anna, I want to ask, so my niece was itchy at first, then her sister and her mother (my sister) also itched, and soon my mother was itchy too, my mother had gone to the first-rate health facility clinic, when taking good medicine , then the medicine is gone now it still feels itchy, and in the end I also feel these itchy, I do not appear rash, appear rash when I scratch and then I rubbed, and the old rada disappeared, in contrast to my mother who used to be a rash, I haha itching, I want to go to the clinic because I’m afraid a lot of people are sick, and the doctor of health facilities level 1 my clinic is not nice, please direct me to take what medicine or anticipate what can be done?

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Good night. Thank you for asking

Itching conditions that are being experienced by you along with other family members can be caused

tungai or scabies this will usually appear spots on the skin area, especially in the area between the fingers, itching, especially at night
Bacterial infections will usually feel painful, pus develops

allergies usually occur when there is exposure to a substance and this can occur related to heredity

Regarding this for the right treatment it should be in accordance with the causes of what you experience because anti-rivers will be different from anti-bacterial. But some things that can be alleviating are

compress with a cold towel
keep skin clean by wiping clean water
change your clothes and sheets and you should avoid close contact or sleeping together
clothes or sheets should be washed with boiling water
can be helped apply with menthol powder
avoid scratching because it can worsen the condition with infection

Thus information may be useful

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