Itchy Skin Due To Frostbite.?

Excuse me, I want to ask .. so some time ago I was traveling to a cold place for the first time

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What is meant by frostbite or frostbite is a condition of body tissue that freezes and causes tissue damage due to temperatures that are too low or cold that usually occurs in the feet, hands, nose and ears. This condition can be a serious condition because it can damage the ajringan resulting in a person losing skin, toes or hands or other tissues, causing disability.

Frostbite usually appears when exposed to very cold temperatures, the ratio increases when the air temperature reaches -15 degrees Celsius. Symptoms that arise on frostbite include:

Cold skin, feels like a prickling
Numbness or numbness
reddish skin.
Feel like stung or burning

If treated immediately, usually only swelling and exfoliation occurs. In the next stage frostbite is characterized by the skin turning pale. The surface of the skin can appear spots, blue, or purple. Furthermore, if the skin menglami tissue dredging can cause skin to become black and numb.

But to be sure to do a direct inspection. Red rash, accompanied by itching, changes in skin color but can be caused by frostbite. This condition can also be caused by cold allergies.

Cold allergy is the reaction of the skin to the cold that causes the appearance of wounds that feel itchy and reddish skin. And the severity of cold allergy symptoms can also be different in each person. In people with cold allergies, it usually occurs when exposed to temperatures that are less than 4 degrees Celsius. Symptoms that can appear include:

Swelling in cold affected areas such as swollen hands when handling cold objects
Itchy lesions on areas of skin exposed to cold air
Lips and throat feel swollen when consuming cold food or drinks.
Reddish rashes appear on the skin

In most cases allergies can go away on their own within a few weeks or up to monthly. However, in some cases it can take longer. If you find signs of swelling on the tongue and lips, dizziness, or shortness of breath you should immediately ask for help to take you to the doctor at the nearest health facility.

If your skin becomes discolored, meetap rash, or itchy complaints or complaints that resemble frostbite signs we recommend that you see the condition to the doctor.

What needs to be done in handling frostbite is to prevent it, for example using appropriate clothing by wearing warm clothing in cold weather. If frostbite occurs, the first aid is to seek immediate protection and warmth. Soak the skin in warm water and do not use hot water because hot water can make the wound worse. If possible, warm the whole body, drink plenty of water and lift the skin exposed to frostbite after it is warmed.

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