Itchy Skin Itchy If You’re Sweating?

Illustration of Itchy Skin Itchy If You’re Sweating?
Illustration: Itchy Skin Itchy If You’re Sweating?

Sorry doctor, I want to ask if I sweat it from my wrist to my elbow. R nWhat disease is it and what is the medicine

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Excessive sweat production can expose the skin to high levels of moisture. This condition can make it easier for the skin to become irritated, as well as being a very fertile ground for disease-causing microorganisms (for example fungi and bacteria) to multiply and cause infection. These conditions can certainly cause itching.

The itching you experience may come from the following factors:

Skin irritation, for example due to excessive friction
Skin infections, for example due to prickly heat, tinea manum, tinea versicolor, scabies, folliculitis

Xerosis (dry skin)

Contact dermatitis, for example due to contact with certain soaps, detergents, or clothing materials

Seborrheic dermatitis, which is a chronic skin inflammation that causes scaly skin like dandruff

Neurodermatitis, which is a chronic skin inflammation that triggers psychological stress
Insect bites
Disorders of other organ systems, such as the thyroid gland, liver, bile ducts, and so on

How long has your complaint been present? In addition to itching, do you also experience fever, skin rash, swelling, redness, or other complaints? Is there a history of certain diseases that you suffered from before?

If the itching appears with a mild and temporary intensity, it could be that your complaint is not dangerous. You can overcome the itching first through the following tips:

Bathe diligently
Use clothes that are cool and avoid being in an environment where the temperature is too hot so that sweat production doesn't increase excessively
Use antiperspirants to reduce sweat production
Don't overly scratch itchy skin, especially with dirty hands
Do not exchange towels, clothes, or other personal items with others (so that the risk of transmission can be minimized)
Avoid stress
Drink more
Avoid contact between the itchy skin of your arm and substances that are prone to trigger allergic reactions and irritation with your skin
Apply calamine lotion to the itchy skin

With the above efforts, generally mild itching will improve gradually. However, if you feel that you have made the above efforts, but your complaints are not getting better, you should check with a doctor or dermatologist directly so that you get the right treatment.

I hope this helps.

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