Itchy Skin, Reddish, Has Small Spots And Feels Rough

Illustration of Itchy Skin, Reddish, Has Small Spots And Feels Rough
Illustration: Itchy Skin, Reddish, Has Small Spots And Feels Rough

Hello, good luck always. I want to ask about the problem of itching on the skin. Initially the back of my hand was itchy and then reddish (when I accidentally scratched) I felt rough and freckled u0026sup2; very small, after 2 days the itching spread to the upper back area, two upper arms and a little on the left cheek, why is it itchy huh? Thank you before🙏🏻

Originally posted 2020-04-15 15:17:35.

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Hello Syifa,

Thank you for the question.

Skin that feels itchy, reddish, rough, freckled that spreads from the back of the hand, then to the back, arms, cheeks as well as possible triggers are infections, for example scabies, chicken pox, tinea manum, tinea corporis, folliculitis, impetigo, etc. . Skin infections like this are easily transmitted, especially if skin hygiene is lacking, and if you are accustomed to scratching or over-handling itchy skin without washing your hands with soap afterwards.

Not only infection, complaints on your skin can also be caused by other factors, such as insect bites, prickly heat, contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, milia, keratosis pilaris, and so on.

Conditions that might cause your complaints are often not dangerous. But indeed, it has the potential to further expand, even spread to people around you.

We suggest that you first handle your complaint by:

Stop scratching, squeeze, and hold excessive complaints on the skin
Take a shower that is diligent and clean, using soap containing salicylic acid and good quality running water
Use loose, clean, and soft clothing
Do not carelessly exchange toiletries, clothes, towels and any personal items with others
Avoid contact between skin and substances that can cause irritation and allergies in your skin (such as dust mites, animal hair, latex, detergents, etc.)
On the itchy skin, sprinkle the salicyl powder first

However, if in a long time your complaint does not improve, instead it interferes with your daily activities, you can check yourself directly to the doctor or dermatologist. Conversely, if the complaint improves with the above efforts, it is better to postpone it to the doctor so that your risk of contracting a dangerous disease (such as COVID-19) can be minimized.

Hope this helps ...

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