Itchy Spots On The Skin?

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me after using lotion (hand body)u003cbr /u003ea few hours (3-6 hours) my palms and feet feel itchy u003cbr /u003e, after a few days I don’t use it sometimes still feels itchyu003cbr /u003e what is it allergies?u003cbr /u003but the itching is only felt at nightu003cbr /u003always what is the medicine to get rid of the itching

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It is true, the appearance of itchy spots on the skin can occur due to allergies. This condition can appear locally on the skin in direct contact with the allergen, hence the name allergic contact dermatitis (DKA). In addition to itchy spots, DKA can also be characterized by swollen, red, or even peeling skin. The exact mechanism of DKA is not known. However, many experts reveal that this condition is strongly influenced by the genetic predisposition (inherited) of a person who has excessive sensitivity to certain substances which in other people do not cause any complaints. If it is true that the cause is purely due to DKA, then actually the itching that appears can be felt throughout the day, not only at night.

Itching that gets worse at night, in addition to DKA, may be exacerbated by several other factors, for example:

Atopic dermatitis, eg due to cold allergies, dust mites Miliaria (prickly heat) Tinea manum, tinea pedis (hand fungus, foot fungus) Scabies (scabies) Neurodermatitis (chronic skin inflammation triggered by stress) Other skin infections, etc. The itching uses calamine lotion or salicylic powder which is rubbed periodically into the palms of the hands and feet. Take a shower diligently, along with regular washing of hands and feet to maintain personal hygiene. First, reduce exposure to substances that have the potential to worsen itching, for example by limiting the consumption of egg yolks, seafood, or nuts. If you are sensitive to cold temperatures, then at night, wear warm clothes and avoid using an air conditioner that is too cold.

However, if the itching does not improve after trying the tips above for 1 to 3 days, you should immediately consult a skin and genital specialist so that the right treatment can be done.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nuotul Fuadah

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