Itchy, Suppurating And Painful Skin Of The Toes?

Illustration of Itchy, Suppurating And Painful Skin Of The Toes?
Illustration: Itchy, Suppurating And Painful Skin Of The Toes?

Good afternoon, I want to consult, before my toes felt hot and itchy “, the next day my itchy skin was dry, scaly and accompanied by itching. Because it was so itchy, I scratched and peeled off the skin, accidentally the skin that was accidentally the itch was tripped and hurt a little. The color is still itchy, I gave it an ointment, but after a few hours the itchy skin fester along with pain in the leg. Ask for a solution for the wound on my leg, because it is getting more painful. Thank you.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The complaint that you are experiencing, requires a direct examination because the condition may already involve a bacterial infection.

The initial condition in the form of itching and dry can be caused by various things such as allergies, fungal growth, irritation, and abnormalities in tissue growth. But after you scratch, a wound occurs, and paves the way for the infecting bacteria to appear pus. This causes the handling itself may later need antibiotics, which antibiotics can not be used without doctor's supervision.

Therefore, we suggest that you consult your dermatologist, or at least a general practitioner first to be ascertained through a history and direct observation. This direct observation is important because there will be a lot of useful information that can be used to determine a diagnosis that might escape ordinary observations. The handling you will receive later depends on the results of the inspection.

Meanwhile, keep the area clean and dry. If there is pus, wipe with gauze, may be exposed to water but immediately dry again. Do not leave it moist, and do not give any ointment or medication with a red circle except with the knowledge of a doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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