Itchy Throat After Traveling To Yogyakarta

Illustration of Itchy Throat After Traveling To Yogyakarta
Illustration: Itchy Throat After Traveling To Yogyakarta

, I am a student at a university in Yogyakarta, a week ago I returned to my home in Samarinda. When I was in Yogyakarta, I already experienced an itchy throat due to my consumption of ice cream and bubble tea. While in Samarinda, the itching had reduced but then reappeared and had felt pain in the throat after waking up. Can that be said to be a symptom of being infected with the corona virus?

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Pandemic COVID-19 disease by the New Variant corona virus (SARS-COV 2) raises various concerns for the community. Symptoms that look similar to the symptoms of the common cold, in some groups of people can trigger respiratory problems that lead to respiratory failure and death. But for those who have good immunity, the virus will disappear on its own with or without symptoms.

Until now, symptoms that are often complained of in patients with corona virus infection / COVID-19 include:

Fever> 38 ° C
 Dry cough
 Sore throat
 Pain in muscles and joints
 The body feels achy
 Out of breath

Some recent studies also found symptoms of disturbance in the sense of smell and sense of taste. Please note that not everyone who has a symptomatic viral infection. Someone who is a carrier, that is, those who have good immunity so that symptoms will not appear to potentially transmit to others without being noticed.

Complaints that you experience may be one of the symptoms of a corona virus infection (COVID-19) or it could be just an ordinary viral infection. However, to find out corona infection, this needs to be confirmed by a throat swab examination and a series of other examinations.
 If you don't feel other symptoms, then you don't need to worry. Begin to keep your distance from other people / family members, wear a mask and apply the ethics of coughing and sneezing well. Do physical distancing to reduce the risk of transmission of infection, because we do not know for sure whether you are a carrier (virus carrier) that is asymptomatic but has the potential to transmit other viruses or caused by infection with other types of viruses.
 Get enough rest at home, consume healthy and nutritious food, consume enough fluids, exercise regularly and frequently wash your hands.
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