Itchy Throat, Cough And Body Aches?

Illustration of Itchy Throat, Cough And Body Aches?
Illustration: Itchy Throat, Cough And Body Aches?

hallo.mau ask, I experience symptoms of itching disorders, report along with coughing and body aches all. is this a viral factor? Yes, can I explain this is the virus, I’m afraid of Covid-19 before I get coughed, indeed in my work environment, a lot of coal dust I work in coal mining. Yesterday I was able to consult at the clinic for 3 days but recovered cough and fever?

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Hello Anggi,

Thank you for the question.

Itchy throat, coughing, and body aches can trigger many possibilities, not only COVID-19, but also other viral or bacterial infections, allergies, irritations, inflammatory disorders, gastric acid reflux, the influence of drugs, foreign body aspiration, and etc. Regarding your statement that you work in an area of ​​coal mining that is susceptible to dust, this dust can also be one of the triggers of your complaint.

If only mild complaints that you experience, you should not panic. First do the self-handling tricks as follows:

 If possible, ask your boss for permission to rest at home. Use a mask while still coughing. Drinking paracetamol so that body aches subside. Drink plenty of warm water, eat warm, non-greasy foods, complete with fruits that are rich in vitamin C. Don't smoke. Stay away from dust, wind, pollution, smoke, and other factors that are prone to create allergies and irritation of your airways After following the steps above, if the complaint actually worsens, appear fever for more than 3 days or annoying tightness, and if you feel ever in contact with sufferer or suspect sufferer of COVID-19, then you should check yourself directly to the doctor so that further treatment yes ... If necessary, you can later be referred to a doctor of internal medicine or ENT.

I hope this helps.

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